Whether you’re business is in real estate or another business the first step of communication with your buyer is your marketing message. This will determine the speed at which your customer will decide if they like what they see, if they want to buy from you, how often they want to buy or if they don’t want to buy from you at all.

We live in a world where an average person is bombarded with marketing messages every single day and if yours doesn’t speak to them with a direct definite they will move on. When I started in real estate I thought I needed to create a website, get a phone number and print business cards. All of which are important but what I soon learned from my real estate coach was that nothing is as important to your business as marketing. Spending the time to learn this very important part of the business will not just save you time but also money in the long run.

There are some essential parts of the business that investors need to focus in when creating a strong marketing message that will speak to the masses. I will go over some of the very important ones that I started in.

Your Business Name

Remember that your business name is the first part that your buyer will read. It needs to incorporate what you and your business represent. Make it something unique that sticks out from the others. Be original because you will be using it for years. Avoid a name that limits you to geographical region. An example would be Winnipeg Home Buyers (unless you are only looking to grow your business in Winnipeg).

Your Website

Having a .com at the end of your business name usually tells the reader that you are not limited to geographical region and invest outside Canada. Avoid the .ca at the end of your business name. The fewer letters the better because that makes it easier for your buyer to remember. Using your business name in your website will make it easier for a buyer to find you. Try to leave out any spaces between the words or dashes. And lastly make it something catchy.

Your Phone Number

Having a number that has two to four digits that are identical will always make it easier for people to remember you. Also if you can find a number that spells out something that relates to your business is great for branding purposes. An example would be 204-995-CASH or SOLD. I have even heard of some investors calling local numbers and a combination of numbers they like in there area and asking the person if they would be interesting in selling there number.

Picking Your Company Logo

When creating your businesses marking material and website you want to start creating yourself a brand using logo’s and different colours so when someone looking’s at your message over and over again they will be able to tell you apart from the others even if your name is not on the message.

Remember many real estate investors run similar marketing campaigns so you have to be creative and think outside the box and ask yourself “how can I do this different from my competitor”. Brain storm with other investors and friends and run ideas off them. Make it fun and don’t be afraid to try something different. And always test and measure every piece of this business to see what is or isn’t working when it comes to marketing.

I hope you enjoy this article and find it helpful to build your business so its systematized and predictable. Be sure to share this with anyone who might find it beneficial. Feel free to comment, like and share! Until next time, this is

“Your results coach to real estate and entrepreneurship excellence,”

Manjit Rukhra.